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July foray into the forest.

This entry is from this summer. Everything was gathering dust on the shelf, hands did not reach to make a video in any way. In the video at the beginning, I said something to the camera, so watch and listen. It was very very hot that day. Despite the fact that the time was 9-10 am. Just in this heat, being completely naked is the very thing. It was just some kind of pleasure. The truth was not without incident. I stepped on some kind of thorn and it stuck deep into my leg, I ran barefoot there. Although the slates were with me, and at first I was in the slates, but I wanted more sensations, so I got them. Well, I always take a first-aid kit with me, which contains peroxide, iodine, cotton wool, bandage and adhesive plaster. I am prudent, I foresee everything)))

To watch videos in good quality, click on the gear in the video player and select 1080p.

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