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Topic about water procedures – VIDEO

Pouring water is very beneficial for health. According to Peter Kelder, one of the most powerful healing properties of water is related to the nutrient release mechanism. Nature is arranged in such a way that it activates the work of cells that have tremendous power. These cells are able to produce a lot of energy, including in the form of water. When you exercise, a lot of energy is released. But it also needs fuel. If you actively move, but do not make strong movements with your hands, you will not get much energy. If you do it consciously and with great dexterity, then, of course, you can get a lot of energy from physical activity. So, if you douse yourself with cold water, then every time you will give more energy than you receive. In this case, all processes in your body will work better and more efficiently. In terms of vital energy, rubbing with cold water releases internal heat, which contributes to an increase in body temperature. The person becomes more energetic. As a result, salts, toxins, harmful substances are removed from the blood, the production of which slows down with age.

One of the most important things for me in the book is that I quote from the very beginning. Of course, there are medications that will help you get healthy and follow a healing program, but this is about our own, internal health, about how each person can use their natural abilities to heal and improve health. So I asked people I know to share their thoughts and experiences. I wanted you to hear them.

Peter Calder:
Many years ago, I happened to observe a group of elderly people who deliberately doused themselves with cold water. When they did this, their skin turned red and they looked younger than before. It’s really unusual. In addition, this procedure helped to relax the facial muscles, and their blood began to function better, which circulates in the capillaries of the skin.
We should not be afraid to prolong life. That is, each person should, if possible, lead a healthy lifestyle, not get sick and increase life expectancy.
Health is the normal state of health. Any illness, all your illness, is a temporary state of your body that it is trying to protect itself from something so that you do not become too big. If you try to control your thoughts, it will help you.
Mental energy can be used for healing. And for this it is not necessary to speak at all.

This is very similar to what happens to hamburger consumers when they pour hot water on them. Returning to warmth also benefits the entire body, including the brain. If you take care of your diet, you will be able to drink plenty of water.

Water purifies water, and thus the water is cleaner. In different cases, children may spend more or less energy on my morning wash. If children drink water, then they can spend more energy on my morning exercises, and this has a greater effect on the body.
I have never washed my face with water before. My mother taught me to wash my face with water. I washed, washed and, finally, I saw that my skin was tanned and clean. The children weren’t given water, so my body wasn’t used to water. This morning I get up early, take a shower, then go to work, and after work I take a shower. So during the day I spend more time in the water.

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