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My favorite stump, and of course me – VIDEO

If I go to the forest, to nature, then there I always take off all my clothes. Cool breeze, feeling of freedom and merging with nature. It’s just a mesmerizing feeling that can not be compared with anything. And if this is a big city with cars and people in uniform, then how can you not love it and not act there?

Therefore, I also shoot in the city, but mostly early in the morning, while there are still no people in the city. I go to my favorite park and meditate there. Meditation for me is everything, this is the most important thing. For me, this is a way of consciousness not to be clouded when there are a lot of negative things around, longing and all sorts of other distractions.
And at the same time completely dissolve in the landscape. I wake up in the morning and see such a magical view, so uniquely beautiful that this is one of my happiest moments.

In my free time, I do yoga. I like it, but I also have periods when I don’t feel like exercising at all, I can lie down for a long time, and then suddenly I can’t stand it and sit on the mat. I have been practicing yoga for several years, and all the time I am drawn to the mountains. Where else can you see such a beautiful sunrise! And the mountains inspire me so much that I often go to the forest, and I go to the mountains so often that I don’t even want to return to the city. I go to the mountains gradually, gradually and gain strength for the next trips. I think that someday I will have my own house in the mountains, and I will meditate there.

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