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Everything about Christiane

Christian was born in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, this significant event took place in 1985 of the last century. The boy lived and grew up in a poor family. When he was twelve or thirteen years old, he had two pairs of shoes. Good shoes and bad ones. But all summer, from May to mid-September, that is, until the very cold, he ran barefoot. And I would like to emphasize that he never got sick, and covered up any scratch with clay and ran on. He was always a very shy and touchy child.

But one fine day for everyone, I will deliberately emphasize that it is a wonderful day for everyone … but for Christian he became a day that changed his whole life. Having climbed a tree to a very great height, and sitting down on a branch sticking aside, I thought that that branch was rotten and could not bear the weight of the young Christian. So it happened and Christian collapsed from a great height to the ground, having received as doctors say injuries that are incompatible with life. But a miracle happened and Christian survived, the doctors left him, but the curved spine and the deformed chest still remind of the incident. He blushed terribly and was embarrassed. But over time, shame passed and was replaced by a feeling never before known to him, he liked when a young girl took off his panties looking at his pussy that was just a little fluff and pubic ie time during the changing of its pisyun procedure began to swell and grow stronger, they did not notice it was not impossible, and young nurses more and tried to type inadvertently hurt his hand, it gave Christian a great pleasure.

As time went on, he began to recover, slowly began to get out of bed and sometimes barefoot walking along a smooth linoleum approached the window. Walking barefoot also gave him pleasure. at home he walks only naked and barefoot. And when you manage to get to the sea or to the forest, it’s just holidays for him, naked in nature when a warm wind blows the body, and you feel every unevenness on the ground, every puddle or thick gl the mud that slips between the fingers. It is sometimes called the Russian Mowgli, because he lives alone in the forest for a long time, and also naked, there are very few such people and he is looking for like-minded people. Therefore, he created a website dedicated to him and to people with similar hobbies.